Curb shopping

As mentioned in a previous entry, mid-month was the major curb-shopping event in my town. It’s also known as “hippie Christmas” because the curb and dumpsters offer so many gifts, and I’m okay with that name even though I’m not a hippie. Renters who hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good stuff but don’t have time to get to … Read more

Care package for the kitties

Today has been a sucky day. I woke up with vertigo and it has gotten worse, and the Epley maneuver doesn’t seem to help today. It meant I couldn’t go to the library as planned to work, but I do still have to go to the radio station tonight because I couldn’t find a sub. And I couldn’t work on … Read more

Why do people throw away … ?

I got home from curb shopping last night and my roommate’s friend asked what the best thing was that I ever found in the trash. This is a popular question for non-trash-pickers to ask trash-pickers, but it is unanswerable. It’s like asking, “What’s the best thing you ever bought at the grocery store?” or “Which day in the 1990s had … Read more