A hack for renewing old, gross grout

The grout next to my bathroom sink was looking a bit piqued.


I decided to  clean it the way that everybody on the internet says to: by using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.image

Afterward, it looked even worse:


I guess the bubbling from the hydrogen peroxide loosened too much of the old grout.

I wasn’t about to start a  complicated re-grouting project. I am not fond of the tile countertop because of the difficulty in keeping grout lines clean and hope to replace it one day, so why bother?

Instead, I let white silicone caulk come to the rescue. I put masking tape on either side of the grout lines, got out my caulk gun, squeezed a small bead in place, smoothed it down with a damp fingertip, removed the tape, and smoothed again. Ta-da!:


Now that’s a home improvement.

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  1. Great job on coming up with a solution to this problem. So often people quit after they try something and it doesn’t work out. You managed to press on and find a fix. Thanks for sharing with us and being an inspiration!


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