A simple and cheap way to organize kitchen drawers

My current favorite homekeeping blog is Unfuck Your Habitat. It’s motto is “You’re Better Than Your Mess.” I follow it on Tumblr and Twitter, and even have the app on my phone. (The app cost less than a bottle of white vinegar – talk about a good cleaning deal!)

I like UfYH because it breaks seemingly insurmountable chores into easy, short tasks. It’s gotten me more into the habit of regular cleaning than I’ve ever been, and my house (and Companion) are thankful for that.

The latest beneficiary of UfYH is my kitchen. For the last 8 years, my cooking utensils drawer has been at this level of chaos or worse:


The other day, I opened it and thought for the umpteenth time, “I should organize this.” And then I thought (thanks to the UfYH implant in my head), “How about now?”

I emptied the drawer and cleaned the chocolate stains out of it. (How did they get there? I don’t know.) I wiped it dry.

Then I grabbed a scrap piece of foam core board (the kind kids use for science fair presentations) and began to cut it into 3-inch strips to match the depth of the drawer. I measured my longest implement – the dough roller – and cut one strip to that length. I cut another to the width of the drawer. I taped those in place, made more measurements based on the remaining implements and remaining space in the drawer, and ended up with this:


The cleaning, cutting and taping took just about a half hour. Which makes me wonder why I put up with that chaos for eight years.

Oh well, what’s past is past. Now whenever I open that drawer, I break into a grin!

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