Apple season has begun!


red appleOn my walk today, I passed five apple trees. Three of them had a few fruits on them that were mostly ripe. I couldn’t resist picking some, even if it’s too early in the season for them to have developed sweetness. I like my apples tart, anyway!

Only one made it home with no nibbles from me. Another I had eaten down to the core. The third looked like this:

golden delicious apple

It will be time to start harvesting soon. It seems way too early for that, but September is in just a week, so I suppose it’s just about right. There’s a pear tree too with lots of fruit on it. Looks like I’ll be able to put away plenty of applesauce and pear sauce again this year, if no one else gets to the fruit first!

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  1. I’m looking forward to lots of dried apples and cider. I’ll have to think about making a run out to the trees in Middleton to see how the crop is doing!


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