Applique the easy way

My friend Enid taught me an easy way to make applique with finished edges, and I’ve used it ever since. All you need is:

  • your appliqué fabric
  • used dryer sheets
  • marker
  • thread

Here’s how to do it.

  1. I draw or trace the appliqué shape onto the dryer sheet and pin it to the right (show) side of the appliqué fabric. (I used the crazy-scrap fabric from this post.)
  2. Then I sew along the marking line (I used white thread here, so it’s hard to see).
  3. Snip the center of the dryer sheet.
  4. Turn inside out, pushing the “right side” of the applique fabric through the hole in the dryer sheet. Then press and applique. Look, no raw edges!

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