Bird of the Day: Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum)

cedar waxwing

I love cedar waxwings. They seem so unobtrusive at first glance—heck, often you don’t even see them on first, or second, or even fifth glance because they camouflage themselves so well. But they’re subtly colorful, with pale yellow bellies and those bright yellow or orange tail tips, and some with those red spots like bangles on their wings. Read more …

Bird of the day: Hairy woodpecker

We’ve been seeing a lot of woodpeckers now that the leaves have fallen. A few days ago I counted close to a dozen downy woodpeckers on one of the trees near my house, and red-breasted woodpeckers have been coming around to peck at the locust tree outside my kitchen window. I’m not sure why hairy woodpeckers are called “hairy.” I guess it’s because the feathers on their bellies are fine and hair-like, but so are the feathers on the bellies of many other woodpeckers.

Read more …

My Very Good, Very Bad Cat

Sometimes you can choose your family… by choosing to love a cat! But just because they’re animals it doesn’t mean they won’t be as complex and individual as anyone else around. Our cats can be so good, and then they can be not-so-good, but boy do they give us great stories! This collection of 101 funny, heartwarming, and sometimes mind-boggling stories … Read more

Bird of the Day: A White Duck

white duck swimming near rocks

We saw this duck today on the edge of the lake while we were on our walk. We argued for a while over what kind of bird it was (Companion was convinced it was a gull until he caught the color of the bill), because white ducks are not a common thing around here. While it could be a leucistic (partially albino) mallard … Read more …