A simple and cheap way to organize kitchen drawers

My current favorite homekeeping blog is Unfuck Your Habitat. It’s motto is “You’re Better Than Your Mess.” I follow it on Tumblr and Twitter, and even have the app on my phone. (The app cost less than a bottle of white vinegar – talk about a good cleaning deal!) I like UfYH because it breaks seemingly insurmountable chores into easy, short … Read more

Grommets are a girl’s best friend

It’s that time of year when the mere thought of opening the front door fills me with dread: the snot-freezing depths of winter. So out come the winter accessories! In previous years, I’ve kept my hats, gloves, and mittens in a plastic drawer unit in my coat closet. The problem is that my coat closet is nowhere near the front door. As a … Read more

Happy Halloween – and happy decluttering!

When I first moved into my neighborhood, not many of the kids did trick-or-treating. My first year here, I bought a ton of candy, dressed up, and ended up spending most of the evening eating said candy by myself. I didn’t buy candy the next year. The number of trick-or-treaters has gone up in recent years, but I’m stuck in … Read more

Clearing away obligations with help from Joss Whedon

The past 9 days have been more about getting rid of obligations than actual things. Not obligations to other people, just to my own sense of completion. I tackled the mending pile. I mended two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts for Dekalb, who has been waiting patiently – and sometimes impatiently – since last summer for me … Read more