Trashing the woodpile

On Tuesday, I got rid of much of the scrap wood collection that has been accumulating in my basement, waiting to be disposed of. The total included: 2 milk crates full 2 buckets full a chopped-up hollowcore door that I had been using as a folding station atop my washer and dryer, but hasn’t worked for that since I moved … Read more

This week’s clearing

Here are some things I’ve gotten rid of this week: A computer accessory (thanks to eBay) A self-inflating camp mat (thanks to Craigslist) An electronic pocket dictionary that translates among five languages (thanks to Freecycle, it went to a nearby rural EMS department where about 10% of the clients, but only two of the paramedics, speak Spanish) A beauty-(is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder)-full Schwinn … Read more

Letting go of things long gone

Today I shredded old letters from my first love. It felt good, but not in the sense of getting rid of a long-carried emotional burden. Just in the cleaning-out-my-closet sense of feeling good. I dispensed with the emotional baggage a long time ago and was surprised to find, today, that I hadn’t dispensed with the letters. Sorry if you’re my … Read more

Now you know not to lend me anything

cider pressing

In my recent sorting things binge, I’ve found the following items that I borrowed from someone more than a year ago: Plumbing wrench Washable plastic picnic plate that includes molded cup holder Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone audio book I wonder what else is lurking around my house. I guess if it’s only three items, I shouldn’t feel too … Read more

Letting go of one thing a day, except for feline’s fretting

As part of my efforts not to turn into a compulsive hoarder whose relatives will have to come unbury her from the clutter after she is suffocated under a pile of unread magazines, I’ve made an informal resolution to post one item a day to Craigslist. It’s surprising to see what gets an immediate response in the middle of winter: … Read more