Happy Halloween – and happy decluttering!

When I first moved into my neighborhood, not many of the kids did trick-or-treating. My first year here, I bought a ton of candy, dressed up, and ended up spending most of the evening eating said candy by myself. I didn’t buy candy the next year. The number of trick-or-treaters has gone up in recent years, but I’m stuck in … Read more

Houseplants on the cheap

I brought in my houseplants for winter last night. This jade is one I’ve had for several years; I started it from a cutting way back when, which is how I get most of my houseplants. What can I say? I like free stuff. But if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve figured that out already. This year, I’ve decided … Read more

Clearing away obligations with help from Joss Whedon

The past 9 days have been more about getting rid of obligations than actual things. Not obligations to other people, just to my own sense of completion. I tackled the mending pile. I mended two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts for Dekalb, who has been waiting patiently – and sometimes impatiently – since last summer for me … Read more

Something new from some things old and ugly

Several weeks ago, I embarked on making my paint cabinet look nicer and be a bit more inaccessible to my cats. For the past several months, I’ve been using a nailed-together cabinet that a friend found on the curb. It’s obviously a homemade job, possibly assembled from old crates, and held together with nails rather than screws. It was stained … Read more

Trashing the woodpile

On Tuesday, I got rid of much of the scrap wood collection that has been accumulating in my basement, waiting to be disposed of. The total included: 2 milk crates full 2 buckets full a chopped-up hollowcore door that I had been using as a folding station atop my washer and dryer, but hasn’t worked for that since I moved … Read more