Housekeeping note

Hello readers, I am planning to switch this site over to another host in the next couple weeks, meaning that it will no longer be hosted on This should get rid of the annoying video ads that sometimes pop up in my posts and give me more control over the look of the site. If you keep up with … Read more

Homemade bleach gel pens are easy to make—and a waste of time

Sometimes when I make a quilt with both brightly colored and white fabrics, I or the quilt recipient washes it without putting a Shout Color Catcher Sheet in the machine with it, and it ends up looking like this: My solution for this problem has usually been Clorox Bleach Pens, but my local supermarket no longer carries them and I … Read more

My new audio center

For years, I’ve had this cute little console that likely spent its previous life as a side table in a hospital or lab. It’s got an enamel top, and previously had a baked-on pastel paint-job that had seen better days. My friend Dekalb ground off the paint to bare the steel underneath, which I sealed with spray polyurethane. On the … Read more

Sewing: How I mended a duvet cover and added ribbons so the duvet wouldn't slip

ties to anchor duvet in duvet cover

I’m still working on mending some things that Lilo the cat ate before she was taking medicine for her fabric-eating compulsion. This project is a duvet cover that she nibbled near one of the corners. I sewed a seam around the hole, at an angle that connected the side and bottom (using white thread, below). I trimmed off the excess … Read more