Applique the easy way

My friend Enid taught me an easy way to make applique with finished edges, and I’ve used it ever since. All you need is: your appliqué fabric used dryer sheets marker thread Here’s how to do it. I draw or trace the appliqué shape onto the dryer sheet and pin it to the right (show) side of the appliqué fabric. … Read more

Fabric hack: Quick fix for bleach stains

I’m not sure how so many of my clothes end up with bleach stains, given that I don’t use much bleach around the house. But they do. Thankfully, many of  the clothes that end up with these stains are black. “Wait! That’s good?” you say. “Bleach stains are terrible on black!” Yes, it is good. Because there’s a really way … Read more

Figuring out how to mend a tank top

You may remember this awesomely damaged camisole from my post about Lilo, the Amazing Wool-Eating Cat. Draped over the shoulder is a folded sleeve I cut off from another shirt during this project. I bleached the fabric by setting it in a solution of 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon washing soda, and a dash of detergent overnight until … Read more

Clearing away obligations with help from Joss Whedon

The past 9 days have been more about getting rid of obligations than actual things. Not obligations to other people, just to my own sense of completion. I tackled the mending pile. I mended two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts for Dekalb, who has been waiting patiently – and sometimes impatiently – since last summer for me … Read more