Happy Festivus! Have some free books!

Am I ruining the anti-commercial, anti-gift spirit of the Festivus holiday if I tell you my second favorite way to read e-books for free? (My first is going to the library.) I go to this search page on Amazon and click on the “Sort By” menu at the right, selecting “Price: High to Low.” The page will list various books … Read more

Free Cascade dish detergent

Thanks to WildforWags for the heads up on a $5 rebate when you buy a small bag of Cascade Platinum. The detergent is on sale for $3.99 at Walgreens this week, and there are probably also other places where you can get it for less than $5. At that price, you even make a little money after postage. The rebate … Read more

Learn a new language for free

My current favorite Android app is Duolingo, a free language learning program that can also be used on the computer. There are currently 10 languages available for English speakers. Right now I’m studying French, and I’m having fun doing it despite the fact that spelling French correctly is well nigh impossible. (Though I’m told English is worse, so I suppose … Read more

Giveaway: Free Consumer Reports Subscription

There are lots of magazines that will claim to save you money, but Consumer Reports and its sister publication ShopSmart are the only ones I’ve found to regularly deliver on that promise. Other magazines “save you money” by loading themselves with coupons, mostly for stuff you don’t want. Consumer Reports saves you money by giving you the information you need to make wise … Read more

Still being cheap

Two months to the day that I last wrote here. I’m still being cheap, but I haven’t been very motivated to write about it lately. In September, I had an extended viral illness that limited my ability to go couponing and that also motivated me to start writing fiction again as a way to entertain myself. As I often am … Read more

Curb shopping

As mentioned in a previous entry, mid-month was the major curb-shopping event in my town. It’s also known as “hippie Christmas” because the curb and dumpsters offer so many gifts, and I’m okay with that name even though I’m not a hippie. Renters who hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good stuff but don’t have time to get to … Read more

Care package for the kitties

Today has been a sucky day. I woke up with vertigo and it has gotten worse, and the Epley maneuver doesn’t seem to help today. It meant I couldn’t go to the library as planned to work, but I do still have to go to the radio station tonight because I couldn’t find a sub. And I couldn’t work on … Read more