Clearing away obligations with help from Joss Whedon

The past 9 days have been more about getting rid of obligations than actual things. Not obligations to other people, just to my own sense of completion.

I tackled the mending pile.

I mended two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts for Dekalb, who has been waiting patiently – and sometimes impatiently – since last summer for me to do so. I replaced three zippers in three different skirts (for me). I mended holes in two sweaters. I refastened the loose snap on a pair of shorts.

I also mended other things, but I kind of lost track. I was watching the entire Firefly series, the Firefly movie, and the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while doing all this, so my mind wasn’t completely focused. (All were created by Joss Whedon, hence his help.)

I’ve been a bit under the weather, so mending is the perfect way to be productive and not do much of anything at the same time.

I was so bummed about finishing all my mending tonight that I managed to find more handiwork, other than quilting. I fixed six broken necklaces/bracelets (bad clasps or broken wires) and righted the zipper on an old Land’s End bag that has been a dead weight in my sewing pile for at least three years. I had thought I would have to replace the zipper entirely, but I put my mind to it tonight and now it’s all good.

I’m keeping one of the necklaces for now. The rest of them, along with the Land’s End bag, are now in good enough condition to be donated to St. Vinny’s, or to my friends. Let me know if you’re interested in anything.

Completing the jewelry repairs does mean I get to get rid of my collection of jewelry clasps. And I got rid of three things on Ebay, so the week wasn’t a total wash.

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