Crazy quilt back

seasons quilt back

I finally found the photo of the back of the Seasons quilt I made for my niece’s adoption. It’s composed of whites, near-whites, and light browns from my scrap bins.

I think I may like the back more than the front.

The scraps with printing on them are leftovers from a cut-and-sew Humpty Dumpty doll fabric panel. My niece has been through a lot in her short life. My sister-in-law started crying over the symbolism of successfully putting back together something that you thought had been broken. (It doesn’t happen in the poem, but it does when you sew Humpty Dumpty together.) Which I hadn’t actually even thought of when I included those pieces in the quilt. And then I was like, “Oh, duh.”

Sometimes art happens when you’re not even trying.

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