Dinosaurs in my neighborhood

After seeing the sandhill cranes yesterday, I decided it would be a good idea to take my camera on my afternoon walk. Usually, that would make all the birds go into hiding, but I found a heron hiding out behind the shore grass. Herons don’t sound like dinosaurs, but they sure look like them.


I stalked it as it stalked the fishes. It eventually got tired of hunting or of me and flew to perch in a nearby tree.

My hands began to get cold, so I decided to move on; I saw a second heron come flying.


Heron #2 landed on a lightpole and scoped out the scene.

My favorite shot:


While I was taking photos of Heron #2, I heard dinosaur calls behind me. At first, I couldn’t find their source, but eventually the loud dinosaurs appeared on the shore of the nearby pond.


Then they decided for a more distinguished pose.



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