Easy fix for a peeling laminate counter

The lip of my otherwise decent laminate countertop started peeling a while back. Time to replace the countertop?

No! It was time to get out the carpenter’s glue and a toothpick.

The toothpick was to smear the glue to the underside of the laminate, which was hard to reach any other way (my finger and the bottle tip both being too big for the space, unless I wanted to peel the laminate further off the counter, which I didn’t).


Lookie at all that glue! Maybe I went a bit overboard.


After applying the glue, I used clamps to hold the laminate in place for 24 hours.


Here’s what it looked like when the glue had dried.


If you peek under the lip, you can see that I did indeed apply too much glue. Good thing that only kids and cats ever see it!


And here’s a nicer “after” shot in natural light. Can you spot the Lilo?


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