Finishing floors naturally

With copious amounts of help from friends, I recently installed reclaimed Douglas fir and long-leaf yellow pine flooring on the second floor of my house. I got the flooring at the Habitat ReStore to replace the gross carpet, which I recycled at a local carpet distributor.

After sanding the old finish off the old floor with help from my friend DeKalb, I threw a little floor finishing shindig with my most intimate acquaintances .

Finishing the floor turned out to be a lot easier than I had anticipated. I had decided against polyurethane (hate the smell, get migraines at the drop of a hat in the presence of toxic fumes) in favor of Tried & True Danish oil and varnish oil.

They are all natural oils that two of my friends used to finish their floors during a pregnancy – the oils are totally nontoxic and, in fact, edible.

Here are pictures from the party:

Oh, and here’s the horrible state in which I slept the entire time the flooring was being done:

My bed was on the living room floor and I had to step over it every time I crossed the room. Utter chaos.As you can see, my dresser and several boxes of clothes were also in the living room.

It felt nice to finally declutter that space!

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