Getting into gear for gardening


I had an awesome surprise when I went shopping at Aldi today: packages of summer and perennial bulbs and rhizomes for just $1.69, $4.30 less than what had been advertised in the weekly circular.

At that price, I couldn’t afford not to buy a few! (Now, I realize that’s often used as an excuse to spend money that one otherwise wouldn’t, but the likelihood of me buying plants in any given year is incredibly high. There’s no way I’d be able to get these elsewhere for this price.)

Thirty red gladiolus bulbs (red – great for attracting hummingbirds), four sets of peony rhizomes (also red – notice a pattern here?), and 12 Asiatic lily bulbs. I also splurged on a clematis for a whopping $5. Hopefully that will take care of my plant-acquisition itch until fall, when I won’t be able to resist getting a few more tulips and crocuses to blanket the garden next spring.

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