Good deal on women’s shaving cream at CVS this week

Day 110 - ShavingI got a good deal on shaving cream at CVS this week. Skintastic is on sale for $2.19 and part of a deal where you get $10 in CVS store credit if you spend $20 on select items. I bought 9 cans (my CVS had a huge, well-stocked display midweek, so I didn’t clear any shelves*) and used a combination of $1.50 shave cream coupons from the internet, $1 shave cream Qs from last Sunday’s coupon circular, $.75 shave gel Qs from the internet (which I found on the WildForWags coupon database) and $.55 shave gel from the circular and broke even. You could work it to be a moneymaker – spend less than $10 out of pocket and still get $10 store credit back – if you had the right number of higher-value coupons and your store has that much cream in stock. But I warn you that some stores won’t accept the $1.50 for the shave cream – apparently it has to do with how their computer system codes the product.

My legs are pits aren’t hairy enough to justify owning 9 cans, so I’ll be keeping just one or two for myself and donating the rest.

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