Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack free today for U.S. residents

Google Play is offering downloads of Awesome Mix Vol. 1, the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, for free today. You have to have a Google Play account (I already did since I have an Android phone, but you can create a new one just for this). Click here and you can download the album for free.

I downloaded it because, hey: Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie.I guess “Hooked on a Feeling” will be fin to listen to. This will actually be the first time I’ll have music mp3s on my phone; I usually only listen to podcasts when I’m on the go. We’ll see if this ends up changing my habits.

Oh, and speaking of giveaways, I still have my Consumer Reports subscription giveaway going until Friday. Enter and your chances of winning are lookin’ pretty good right now.

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