Happy Festivus! Have some free books!

Am I ruining the anti-commercial, anti-gift spirit of the Festivus holiday if I tell you my second favorite way to read e-books for free? (My first is going to the library.)

I go to this search page on Amazon and click on the “Sort By” menu at the right, selecting “Price: High to Low.” The page will list various books that are avaible for $0.00 in the Kindle store.

If you want to search a specific genre – say, mysteries or DIY – type the term into the search bar and sort the results.

Kindle books can be read on the free Kindle app for phones, tablets and computers. You can download the Kindle app for free here.

I’ve done this a lot, and while some of the books have been real duds, I’ve also discovered great new authors and been introduced to unfamiliar genres this way.

Happy Festivus!

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