Happy Halloween – and happy decluttering!

When I first moved into my neighborhood, not many of the kids did trick-or-treating. My first year here, I bought a ton of candy, dressed up, and ended up spending most of the evening eating said candy by myself.

I didn’t buy candy the next year.

The number of trick-or-treaters has gone up in recent years, but I’m stuck in my learned habit of not buying Halloween candy. That’s why today at 5 p.m. I was running around my house looking for things to sacrifice to the ghouls.

I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t managed to completely declutter my house or I would have been out of luck. Thankfully, I managed to find enough goodies to please the trick or treaters that visited my home:


The basket was filled mostly with foreign coins and an overabundance of beaded bracelets that I bought on a business trip to Kenya.

Have you ever had to put an emergency basket of Halloween goodies together? What did you put in it? Leave a comment with your story!

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