Hole in your fabric? Appliques to the rescue!

green blanket

I have an old blanket from Target. It’s not the fanciest thing, but it keeps a body warm.

Unfortunately, it’s made out of a fabric that snags easily.

hole in blanket

There was no easy way to mend this, so I decided to cover it up – and give the blanket a little more personality in the process.

I took one of the leftover appliques I’d made for my window quilt project and pinned it over the snag, sewing it in place.

bird applique

Thus is what it looks like on the back:

quilted bird

I should have paid more attention to the folds in the back when I pinned and flattened them out. If I were being particular, I would take a seam ripper to it and redo the stitches, but I’m not particular about this blanket at all. I’ll just take this as a lesson learned for the next applique I apply.

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