I got free cell phone screen protectors today, and it’s only 10 a.m.

I’m on the last screen protector for my smartphone, so was happy to see today’s SaveMore.com deal was $6 for $12 worth of cell phone accesories from CellPig.com, including free shipping. Plus, I signed up for SaveMore.com just yesterday, and you automatically get a $10 credit when you sign up. So that made the whole deal free for me.

CellPig has sets of screen protectors for under $12 and the anti-glare ones for just over $12, so this deal pretty much covers the purchase. Now I no longer have to search for cheap screen protectors on Ebay. Saved an hour right there!

(I know it shouldn’t take an hour to find screen protectors on Ebay, but I get distracted.)

Oh, yeah, if you want the same deal you can go to http://svmr.co/ypzd. They also have a deal of $7 for $14 worth of sunscreen wipes with 50% off shipping. So the deal is free (because you get the $10 credit when you sign up) and the shipping is cheap. I would have been tempted if I didn’t already have 2 bottles of SPF 30 that I need to go through this summer.

My little piggy takes a break from chewing on her pig's ear to give me the "Mine! Not yours!" glare

Oh, and speaking of pigs (you know, because I was speaking of CellPig): Downstairs cat has gotten a little obsessive about eating socks lately so I went to the local cat supply store for something more appropriate she could chew on. They showed me the dried pig’s ears in the dog supply section. In case you’ve never seen one, a dried pig’s ear looks exactly like a pig’s ear, but dried. It made me a little sad; I don’t like to eat pigs because they are too much like humans to me to deal with the whole thing emotionally. But downstairs cat has no qualms about eating humans or pigs, as long as they are dead first, so I got her one.

The folks at the store advised that she should only have access to it under supervision, in case she breaks off a big chunk and tries to swallow it, then ends up choking.

Well, the pig’s ear is a wild success. She will play with-suck on-nibble-hunt for-chew it for a half hour or so without tiring. Sometimes, when she’s chewing on it, she rolls her eyes up to see if I am looking at her. If I am, she interprets it as covetousness, picks up the ear and trots off into the other room.

Which is what she does with socks when I catch her eating one. So I am relieved she loves the pig’s ear at least as much.

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