In which downstairs cat poses for glamour shots

I’ve been accused of loving upstairs cat (aka boy cat) more than downstairs cat (aka girl cat), with the fact that I take more pictures of upstairs cat being brought forth as evidence in support of the allegation.

Actually, I’ve tried videotaping downstairs cat’s antics numerous times, but the videos never turn out because she’s black and the rug on which she performs her antics is dark gray. Plus, the lighting in her abode leaves something to be desired.

But today I discovered that Photo Booth actually takes pretty good pictures downstairs. To wit:

Don’t be misled by her charm, though. Right after she was done with that photo session, she decided to mistake the back of my head for a groundhog and pounced on it. It is not always convenient to have a kitten tangled in one’s hair.

Which leads to today’s story of thrift. Well, kind of. It involves cats, and it kind of involves thrift.

You’ll see what I mean.

I was at the cat store buying more litter for the little demons and started talking to the shop guy about cat grass. Upstairs cat loves eating grass – so much so that he gnaws on the dead brown remains of ornamental grass that stick out of the snow this time of year. It’s kind of pathetic.

So I thought I might do him a favor and buy some oat groats out of the bulk bin at the co-op, plant them in a pot and give him the buffet of his dreams.

Shop guy did one better and handed me a pot full of already-grown wheat grass. The stuff was 4 inches tall already – which really meant it was getting a little too mature, he said, and he couldn’t sell it, so I could have it.

Given that my cat likes 2-foot-tall ornamental grass, I did not think 4 inches to be too much and offered to pay something for it.

No, he said, adding that I spend so much money there anyway that it was really kind of a wash.

Aah, so maybe it’s not a story of thrift after all. Especially since I plopped it down in front of boy cat first thing when I got home and he just looked at me like, “Dude, you call that grass? It’s got to be outside to be grass.”

Hmmm … maybe this is a good story of thrift: I ran out of milk this morning, so I put coconut oil in my coffee instead. It wasn’t bad at all – it’s what they make coffee creamer out of, anyway. I just had to stir between every sip to keep it emulsified.

Does that count as thrifty? Or just oddly resourceful?

Or just odd?

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