Just how cheap I have become

Today at Walgreens I bought three body washes, four deodorants, a pound of prunes, 64 ounces of prune juice, a bottle of Jet Dry, two Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Sandwiches, a banana and two three-cookie snack packs of Chips Ahoy. I spent a little under $5. But I was disappointed in myself because I should have only spent $3. I have two excuses: a mean assistant manager and getting distracted because I was helping a friend with his couponing. My friend made out better than me thanks to my help – he spent $2.05 and got back a $3 credit to use at the store.

I am ashamed to admit that I have already eaten one of the Chips Ahoy cookies. I meant to give them all to the aforementioned friend, but then I got hungry. The Deli Creations are good for filling up on calories when I need to, which is more often these days as my biking is increasing. I biked 20 or so miles yesterday, which only should burn 800 calories. But since it was my first time riding that far yet this season, I am not an efficient fuel-burner yet and must have burned more – I have been constantly hungry ever since.

The body washes and deodorants are all going to charity, unless the BF wants any of them. They should have come out to $1.91 after coupons, but the first Walgreens I went to has an assistant manager who doesn’t think you should get anything for free even if that’s how the sale works with the coupon. (And the Walgreens coupon policy allows customers to get things for free; she just hasn’t read the policy apparently.)

I knew this was a risk walking into the store, but I had hoped to avoid her. Alas, she walked over as the cashier was ringing me up and started telling the cashier to ring things up a different way. I said (politely) that I thought I was following the coupon policy and she said, “It doesn’t work that way in this case.” The difference was that I would be paying $2.50 instead of $1.50 for stuff I wouldn’t be personally using anyway, but I decided not to make a big deal of it. I probably just won’t go back to that Walgreens.

After that transaction, I decided to go to the Walgreens where people are nice and invited my friend along. He did the same transaction I had done at the mean Walgreens and yes, it was $1 less – and even less if you count the store credit. Lucky him! He shared some of his store credit with me because he is nice (unlike a certain assistant manager).

Lest you think I am accumulating a lot of crap, I am getting organized for a garage sale this weekend and hope to part with a lot of crap there. Also, much of the crap accumulated at Walgreens will be gone from my house the first week of June or earlier when I drop it off for the local community resource center.

More on the garage sale later …

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