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I ran out of cherries to pick on Wednesday — at least, the sweeter ones. The tree with the more bitter cherries still had plenty, but I decided that it might be best not to pick them, as I then would feel obliged to juice them, and that could very well mean a most unpleasant drink.

With no cherries to pick, I spent yesterday’s lunch break looking for a special woodworking fastener (failed mission) and buying batteries (most of which I will return, because I have since discovered that they’re way cheaper on Amazon than at Walgreens).

Today, I decided to head out to the elderbush behind the west side of the thrift store and start the season’s harvest of elderberries. But I got there only to discover that someone had mowed it down. Dude, what were they thinking? They didn’t even plant anything in its place, and it’s not like turf is going to plant itself there.

So I coasted up and down the path in search of something else. I found quite a few wild grape plants, but these too taunted me. The most prolific vine, full of fat, ripe fruit clusters, was located right behind an auto body shop where a chemical that smells like banana-flavored toffee was in use. A similarly scented chemical is a compound in one of my bike chain lubes, and it’s not healthy stuff, I hear tell. So I was left to pick the punier vines while this nice healthy one sat basking in the sun, untouched.

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