Making a rug no-slip

red circular rug
Hmmm someone should vacuum this thing.

I have an awesome little red wool rug from Ikea next to my front door. It’s the perfect place for standing while kicking off wet shoes. For my cats, it’s the perfect place for taking a nap next to the heating vent – or in Lilo’s case, chewing on raw hide.



(Even though the rug is wool, she’s never tried to eat it. Perhaps it’s too coarse.)

The problem was that the rug back was a canvasy cotton and it kept slipping around on the wood floor. Whenever the cats would go for a run around the house, it would end up halfway across the room.

So I got out some nonslip shelf liner I had left over from another project and cut it into two half-circles, then stitched the pieces to the underside:


Now it no longer slips, even when Lilo is doing her midnight laps around the living room.

Ikea has its own non-slip backing, but I didn’t use it because:

  • Those never really worked with the rugs we had when I was growing up.
  • The Ikea stuff comes in 6.5-foot rolls – way too much for my needs.
  • I already had this shelf-liner stuff sitting around, and I wasn’t using it for anything else.
  • Even if I didn’t already have shelf liner on hand, I could have bought a roll for $1 at the Dollar Tree, and that’s way more convenient than going to Ikea.


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