My first hexagon quilt

blue hex back blue hex

I was cleaning up my photos folder today and found these pics of a quilt I made last year for my friends’ baby. I think it’s pretty awesome, myself. The front (top, with the nine small hexagons) was based on the Brighton Rock design by Australian quilters Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. I loved it so much that I thought, “I wanna make more hexagons!” So I did, and that’s what produced the back. I did most of it while watching Torchwood on Netflix. I had to pause the show every time I went on my machine, but I could watch while cutting and pinning.

That show is seriously addictive.

As always, the fabrics used are primarily from worn-out clothes and other upcycled fabrics. I did the quilting by machine using clear monofilament thread.

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