Parting with things for fun and profit

Last week, I embarked on my first foray into Ebay selling in three years. I was getting tired of Craigslist hagglers and spammers, plus some of the stuff I had to get rid of would probably never sell on Craigslist, but would on Ebay. Yesterday, besides protesting and eating pizza, I dropped off several Ebay packages at the post office. Contents included:

  • a pair of Goretex armwarmers (to southern California – do they really need fleece-lined armwarmers in California? I live in Wisconsin and they were too warm for me here most of the year.)
  • road bike handlebars
  • a movie on DVD
  • a pair of El Naturalista high heels – nice looking, but a little too red for the office and a little too high for casual wear
  • bric-a-brac
The lovely pair of shoes I parted with.

I am holding my breath that everyone actually read my item descriptions and don’t leave nasty feedback. The shoe purchaser has been a delight, but another auction winner seems to be a bit of a loose cannon – I’ll write more about that if they, in fact, turn out to be.

Despite the title of this post, selling things on Ebay is not technically profitable for me, since I sell it all for less than I originally bought it for. But I guess it’s more profitable than throwing it in the garbage, or giving it away on Freecycle.

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