Recipe: Mochachocarula Muffins



I recently had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on safari in southern Africa. How does a tightwad from North America manage that? One of my clients is a boutique travel agency and wanted me to visit so I could write a first-hand account of the various safari destinations there. So it was as much work as vacation, if that makes you feel any better. The work is what made it possible.

In the non-work hours, a safari guide and tracker introduced me to a delicious drink called the mochachocarula: coffee, hot cocoa powder, and the South African cream liqueur Amarula.

While getting out muffin ingredients today, I remembered the drink and used it as inspiration. The dominant flavor in these muffins is chocolate, with just a hint of the coffee and Amarula coming through. I like the end product very much, but might try different proportions in future batches to make the coffee and Amarula notes stronger.

And don’t let the pumpkin throw you off. The muffins don’t taste pumpkiny. They just secretly supply your body with vitamin A.

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  1. Zoinks, I have all the ingredients for these muffins in house, well if I try the Irish cream substitution and skip the coffee- no loss for me. I know what I’m gonna be baking later!


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