Sewing Saturday: Darning a pair of Icebreaker wool running tights

When I visited Mindy Celeste this summer, I snagged my Icebreaker wool running tights on the pull-out metal frame of the sofa bed.

darning a hole in wool tights/leggings

My former way of fixing this would have been to patch it with a scrap of knit fabric. Now that I have a darning foot for my sewing machine, I darned it instead.

darning a hole in wool tights/leggings

The darning stitch is basically several rows of straight stitches, over and over. You pin a piece of matching fabric to the back of the whole, thread the machine with color-matching thread, then darn. When you’re done, snip off any excess thread and darning fabric. The result blends in better with the surrounding fabric than a patch would. You’ve got to squint to find it:

darning a hole in wool tights/leggings

Here’s a great YouTube tutorial on machine darning:


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