Invertebrate of the Day: Proboscis Bug

This bug gets its name from its huge proboscis (nose). The young ones, pictured, excrete a waxy, cottony substance as a defense against birds, who don’t like the texture. At about three months, they become adults — and much tastier, because they stop producing “cotton.” Instead, they develop mottled wings that serve to camouflage them. They keep the awesome red … Read more

Reptile of the Day: Oustalet’s Chameleon

Because we are no longer in the rainforest, we got to meet the Oustalet’s chameleon today. It prefers dry forest, but it’s adaptable nature makes it common in towns and gardens as well. The guidebooks say the Oustalet’s chameleon is not bright green. I think they have a different idea of what constitutes bright than I do.