Third Day of Spring: Ducks! (or as we say around here, "Duck-ays!")

On the third day of spring, we saw another redtail hawk. And I had the camera with me this time! I maxed out the zoom and the photo was still blurry. I’d say I should get camera with a higher zoom, but then I’ll start maxing out that zoom and want one that’s even better. It’s a Sisyphean quest. It was … Read more

Vernal Equinox: First Flower, First Shoveler, and a Hawk

It’s the first day of spring according to the solar calendar, but I didn’t expect the outdoors to show anything different. Was I wrong. First, this greeted me when I stepped outside. The first crocus of the season! Then, I saw a hawk. Hawks are around all winter, but I don’t usually get to see them this close. Alas, I … Read more