Fabric hack: Quick fix for bleach stains

I’m not sure how so many of my clothes end up with bleach stains, given that I don’t use much bleach around the house. But they do. Thankfully, many of  the clothes that end up with these stains are black. “Wait! That’s good?” you say. “Bleach stains are terrible on black!” Yes, it is good. Because there’s a really way … Read more

Making a recycled blank journal

To make this journal, I used things that would otherwise have been thrown away (or actually had been thrown away): the paperboard cover from a broken binder notebook odd-sized old-school computer paper with perforated edges that I found in a dumpster fabric from an upholstery sample book (the kind that fabric stores throw out on a regular basis) binder screws … Read more

Consider this our audition for My Cat From Hell

This is Lilo. I found her in the parking lot when she was a scrawny kitten of about three months old. She was darting back and forth under the cars, chasing a ground squirrel. The annual leases in the neighboring apartment complex had just let up, so my best guess was that someone dumped her when they moved. I put up signs … Read more