Winter’s here. Brew up some warmth.

“You can make wine out of anything but a rock!” So says Appalachian winemaker John Bulgin in The Foxfire Book of Wine Making, and my experience says he’s right. Being the frugal person I am, I’ve never been fond of paying beaucoup bucks for beverages. So when I’ve wanted wine, I’ve made it.* In spring, I’ve raced my neighbors’ lawnmowers … Read more

Fermentation Tradition from Finland

In my regular regimen of reading food news, today I ended up discovering a Finnish food called mämmi. It started with reading about a study that showed adolescents’ intake of vitamin K could effect their long-term bone health. Vitamin K1 is present in leafy greens, and Vitamin K2 is present in fermented dairy and soy products, particularly cheese and natto. … Read more