Bird of the Day: Madagascar Hoopoe

Early morning as the sun comes up is a great time to go birding, but it’s not a great time to take photos of birds. I had a devil of a time focusing on this one, and the low light situation made the photo grainy. But hey, I saw a┬áMadagascar hoopoe (Upupa marginata)! Aren’t they cool? They aren’t woodpeckers, but … Read more

Lemur of the Day: Red-Fronted Brown Lemur

We were only a few hundred meters into the dry forest at Isalo National Park when we heard rustling in the fallen leaves, followed by snuffling sounds that reminded me of a certain family member who likes to press her nose against the glass and snort like a pig. A quick scan of the surrounding brush identified the culprits: a troop of red-fronted brown lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons), so named for the reddish patch of fur on the foreheads of the males. Read more …

Invertebrate of the Day: Drop-Wing Dragonfly

Today was our first day hiking through one of Madagascar’s deciduous forests: Isalo National Park, a beautiful hilly area in the eastern part of the island. The deciduous forests differ from the rainforests in that they see little rain outside the spring cyclone season. It’s winter now in Madagascar, and many deciduous trees and bushes have already lost their leaves. … Read more