Time to harvest apples and pears!

fresh-picked pears

Dekalb came over today to pick apples and pears in my neighborhood. There’s just one pear tree in the neighborhood, and all pears within reach of the ground had already been picked by others. We use a ladder and a picker pole to pick the rest. We got about 20 pounds. I set aside a few for snacking, but since … Read more

Apple season has begun!

red apple

On my walk today, I passed five apple trees. Three of them had a few fruits on them that were mostly ripe. I couldn’t resist picking some, even if it’s too early in the season for them to have developed sweetness. I like my apples tart, anyway! Only one made it home with no nibbles from me. Another I had eaten down … Read more

Recipe in a Flash: Fruit Crisp Frozen Yogurt

OK, so there’s not actually any crisp topping in this recipe. But the stone fruits and cinnamon make it taste like a frozen version of that favorite summer dessert. If you’d like some crunch, simply sprinkle it with chopped walnuts. Ingredients 1 cup frozen peach pieces ½ cup frozen pitted cherries ½ cup frozen pear pieces or frozen cubes of pear sauce ¼ … Read more

Recipe: Quick strawberry frozen yogurt in a blender

Strawberry frozen yogurt sprinkled with blueberries.

Frozen yogurt with no added sugar, lots of fruit, and a texture as rich and velvety as ice cream? It’s not an impossible dream. This recipe has only strawberries, pears, plain Greek yogurt, a dash of milk and Truvia. Last year I splurged on a Vitamix to simplify ice cream making and other tasks, and I’m glad I did – in … Read more