Books and Quilts

I made a quilt for a The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell¬†book party. It’s based on an illustrated map on the book’s inside cover. A little about how I made the quilt: I made the pattern from a photograph of the map that appears in the book. I went into Photoshop to bleach out some of the color, enlarge … Read more

Trashing the woodpile

On Tuesday, I got rid of much of the scrap wood collection that has been accumulating in my basement, waiting to be disposed of. The total included: 2 milk crates full 2 buckets full a chopped-up hollowcore door that I had been using as a folding station atop my washer and dryer, but hasn’t worked for that since I moved … Read more

Sensationalist recycling

An Idaho veterinarian has had a brilliant idea. Deal with the manure from farms by feeding it to maggots, who use half of it to build their own bodies and break the other half down into a clean soil amendment. Then feed the maggots to rainbow trout. Alas, this article from the Associated Press sensationalizes the process a bit, stating … Read more