Make Your Own Free Swiffer WetJet Refills in Less Time Than It Takes to Find Them at the Grocery Store

The first time I saw a Swiffer, I fell over laughing. Certainly this strange marriage of a broom and a mop wouldn’t catch on, right? Brooms and mops are inexpensive and reusable; for a Swiffer, you’re stuck having to buy refills for the rest of the tool’s life. Clearly, I’m not a natural-born product developer. I’ve since come to accept that Swiffers have … Read more

What to do with old dish gloves

My dish gloves sprang a leak this morning, ending their usefulness in this particular incarnation. So I turned them into rubber bands. Since the latex in dish gloves is pretty thin, these aren’t the world’s strongest rubber bands. But they’re pretty handy when I want to bundle something up without leaving marks on it – for example, a poster or … Read more