Third Day of Spring: Ducks! (or as we say around here, "Duck-ays!")

On the third day of spring, we saw another redtail hawk. And I had the camera with me this time! I maxed out the zoom and the photo was still blurry.

I’d say I should get camera with a higher zoom, but then I’ll start maxing out that zoom and want one that’s even better. It’s a Sisyphean quest.

It was a great day for ducks! I got decent pictures of the northern shoveler:

No close-ups, though. Shovelers filter-feed on seeds, algae, and invertebrates in shallow water, but since the whole pond is shallow, this guy could stay away from the human on shore (me) and still get plenty to eat.

The mallards, on the other hand, love the thick weeds on the shore and didn’t seem too concerned about my presence.

This one walked right toward me, in a glorious veil of algae.


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