Transforming a comforter into a quilt

star quilt: 4-point, 6-point, 8-point My sister made me this blue comforter about 15 years ago. Unfortunately, the first house where I lived with it had a mouse problem so I ended up washing it in the machine more often than I should have otherwise. As a result,  the edges have frayed.

torn comforter for mending

Some of the fabric wore through, too.
worn blue comforter

Then Lilo the cat snacked on it.wool-sucking cat ate my comforter

I wanted to keep using the comforter because I’m sentimental that way. I decided to fix it up by appliqueing new blocks over the most worn ones, and adding star appliques where there were smaller holes. I quilted everything in place with monofilament thread.

star quilt: 4-point, 6-point, 8-point and 16-point

I wrote earlier blog posts on how I made the large 8-point star and the 16-point star quilt: 4-point, 6-point, 8-point

I pieced all the stars but the 6-pointed ones. Those came from a comforter I found in the trash:

found this patchwork quilt comforter in the trash

And here it is on my bed.

star quilt: 4-point, 6-point, 8-point

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