Vernal Equinox: First Flower, First Shoveler, and a Hawk

It’s the first day of spring according to the solar calendar, but I didn’t expect the outdoors to show anything different.

Was I wrong.

First, this greeted me when I stepped outside.

purple crocus

The first crocus of the season!

Then, I saw a hawk.

red tail hawk in tree

Hawks are around all winter, but I don’t usually get to see them this close. Alas, I did not bring my camera with me, so you get subpar phone photos.

red tail hawk

And then we spotted a northern shoveler at the pond. Good thing I brought the binoculars, or companion would have kept saying, “Nah, that’s just a mallard.”

It dragged its beak through the water as it swam to shovel up its food. Hence the name.

Time to start carrying my camera with me again when I go out.

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