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I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted until I logged in to post. The hiatus was caused by distraction – distraction by very complicated taxes, lots of couponing, siphoning cider out of carboys and into bottles, desensitizing the cats to each others’ presence, and – oh, yeah, how could I forget – work.

Don’t get too excited. I’m not employed per se, but I have been doing freelance work. It’s fun and pays nicely and is intellectually stimulating. It doesn’t take up all my time though. I can’t say, “I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been working so much.” I can only say, “I haven’t been blogging because I forgot.”

For those who get their thrills buying a lot of stuff for very little money, you may live vicariously through my last few shopping trips:

Above is what I got today at Walgreens, CVS and GNC for about $6.25. As you can tell, I just love those Magic Erasers, and now I won’t have to save them for special occasions. The toothpaste goes to charity. The Fixodent goes to cleaning coffee stains from my sink.

Above is what I bought at Walgreens on Monday. It was about $2 after coupons; most of that was sales tax. Most of it will go to the food pantry/shelter, but I’ll keep the toilet cleaners because there is no other way to keep my toilets from accumulating layers of rust from the hard water.

Here’s what I got at Target last Thursday. I’m not fond of Target, but when I can spend $5 for $36 worth of stuff, I compromise on my principles. Not pictured is the deodorant I gave away before I got home.

If you’d like, you can worry that I’m losing my battle against hoarding, but you needn’t. Most of the toiletries go to charity. Most of the food goes in my insatiable stomach.

I picked the stuff on the left up last Wednesday from Walgreens and CVS. Total out-of-pocket was about $3.

Here are the gleanings from a trip to Roundy’s on a double coupon day. My total out-of-pocket was $2.15.

Here is what I got two Wednesdays ago from Walgreens, CVS, Freecycle and the local cat supply store. (Can you spot upstairs cat in the background?) Missing from the picture are one toothbrush, a roll of tape and two rolls of dental floss I gave away on my way home. Total was a little over $6.

You may be wondering, with all the maxipads, if I have some excessive bleeding issue. Nope. They make good donations for women’s shelters, and when they are free after coupon, why wouldn’t I get them to donate?

And here is what I got at another double coupon day at Roundy’s. I spent about $13 on that trip.

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  1. I've already found all the deals. I was thinking of going to Walgreens today, but instead I painted my kitchen ceiling. So maybe I'll go to Wags tomorrow. I wonder if there will be anything left ...

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